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Friday, 26 November 2010


Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I never did modeling. From the way that people go on I would assume that I would be some bullied anorexic no friend child because people always seem to use my career as an excuse for things I do. For example people say “Arr you’re mad skinny but you do modeling so that’s okay”. WHATS THAT MEANT TO MEAN? So imagine if I wasn’t one then what would you say or what would be the narrow-minded reason as to why I’m slim?! Another popular comment seems to be “arr you dress kind of weird sometimes BUT that’s the model look”. Sigh… what is the ‘model look’ anyways?! Half the time I don’t even like what other models are wearing because I find it too bland or too stuck in the box; slimming, black, androgynous BORING- Well to me that is. If I hear that lame line “because you’re a model one more time I’ll probably scream and run off and you know what the person will most likely say when I’m gone “that’s some mad model behaviour!”