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Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Ok so let me explain how the fashion week seasons work to those of you that don’t know :) 
   Fashion week happens twice a year during the months of February and March and August and September. They are separated into to seasons Autumn/Winter and Spring/ Summer. A/W happens in February and March and S/S takes place in August and September. Now some people maybe thinking “is this girl confused” but I promise im not! The shows I did were for Spring/Summer 2011 not 2010; the fashion world sets the trends so of course they would show case them 6 months before leaving enough time for high street stores to adapt the trends to suit their target market.

The order of the shows are as follows- NEW YORK/ LONDON/ MILAN/ PARIS.

New York and Paris are viewed as the most prestigious of the shows due to the fact they boast the best designers such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren etc. If I don’t do shows in New York I'm less likely to do well in all the other countries because people wouldn’t have seen me and if you do well in Paris then your highly likely to get campaigns and editorials after the shows! Everything is so connected in the fashion world when it comes to shows which equates to more work for me! But without doing shows a model is not likely to do well after that so I'm making sure that I do my best… come the 30th of January 2011 I shall be in New York once again going through the motions of castings through the harsh Winter of New York and I shall take you with me this time! Keep following my blog for updates :)
Top left- old picture for my card. The rest are shows i walked in :) Giles Deacon, Marc Jacobs, Topshop Unique, Loweve and Ungaro.

Next season i have my fingers crossed for Louis Vuitton and Chanel in paris; oh how I would love to walk for those designers!