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Friday, 10 December 2010


Life and death. 

One is associated with happiness and miracles; the other mourning and despair. However, they are both inevitable parts of life. Recently, I have experienced both of these with the birth of my cousin on the 30th of October and the death of my Grandma on the 8th of December. I remember exactly how my face dropped when I heard the news of my grandma. It was a shock. Everyone was crying; I was the last to know. But I think about it now and although I look at her photo everyday and my eyes well up I know that it’s for best. She’s in a better place now looking down on me smiling gently. She is no longer in pain. The one thing I am truly sad about is that my new little cousin will not have a chance to meet our Grandma and experience for himself how funny and inspirational she was. I will make sure that he does know. I will make sure he knows that his grandmother was a beautiful woman who had such a hard life but always smiled and made the best of what she was given. I love her. Rest In Eternal Peace my Grandmother, Hermine Jasmine Anderson.