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Monday, 31 January 2011


On the 29th of January i woke up at 3:30am to be ready by 4am to get a car to the airport. One word- AWFUL! But my morning was about to descend into sheer stress. Once I got to the airport I had to wait with my mum until the check-in actually opened; it wasnt even 5am yet! When they did open I waited a while because i didnt really want to leave my mum just yet... i wanted to just fall asleep on her shoulder to be honest but I knew i had to get up and do what i had to do. BUT when I got to the desk the woman's face began to screw up and she asked me "have you applied for an ESTA Visa". what the hell was that? I remember vaguely having to do one last time but I thought it lasted like 20 years! I was right but because I got a new passport I had to do it again! So there I was paying £2.00 for 15 minutes on a computer in the airport *sigh*. To make matters worse and old man was also attempting to fill out this form- he didnt even know how to get the computer to go onto the internet -_-! "hello dear, what should i type?" "hello pretty girl, where do I type it?" "hello sweety, do I click GO?". I wanted to scream!

Finally i filled out the stupid form and paid a fee of £10 and wrote down my unique application number into my phone, qued up again and reached for my phone to retrieve the code. My phone screen was black. I clicked the unlock button. the screen was still black. WHY IS MY LIFE LIKE THIS? my phone screen was broken so that meant no code. no code meant no ESTA. no ESTA meant no entry to America! So I had to fill out the form again and get a new code. whilst doing this I had to e-mail my agents telling them everything that was happening and time was running out... my flight was in less than an hour and i hadnt even been threw security yet :( I dont think anyone nows how helpless i felt at this time... I didnt know what I would do if i missed this flight i felt like i would disappoint so many people... my mum, my U.K agency and U.S agency, my friends and family and most importantly myself.

Finally, got past the check-in point! yess! But, the security process was long. To make matters worse I smashed my nail varnish on the floor and everyone was looking at me expecting me to clean it up but in reality there was absolutely no time to do such a task so I ran off :). I looked up at the departure board and saw "New York- Flight Closing". I prayed to God that i wouldnt miss this flight so I ran- and I look crazy when I run. But I made it! I sat down and looked up and thought "Thanks dude... now please.. my phone" and I took my phone out of my pocket just as the plane was about to take off and wacked it... It switched onnnn!

I watched 'Salt' with a smile on my face and passed out :)