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Saturday, 27 November 2010


I go to a Sixth form college in South London and I’m on the school council. It’s a lot of additional responsibility on my plate with the meetings and so on and so forth but I joined because I have a voice and I wanted to use it to voice the opinions of the student body and provide a service to them. However, this has not been possible to do with our principal cancelling and postponing everything we organise. First she “postponed” the talent show which was fair enough due to the students over-excited behaviour but that really knocked everyone’s faith in the student council. Now she has cancelled our annual college rave due to the fact that the CMDC (whoever they are) wouldn’t allow it due to fear of violent attacks after the event. I don’t believe this for one second seeing as we were using the same venue as last year and that was completely fine with no trouble afterwards or anything like that. But all of a sudden the event is deemed too dangerous. Thanks so much for telling us when we’ve already put down the deposit for both the venue and the DJ and spent many hours after college discussing themes, decorations and even designing the posters. Thanks so much for considering all the hard work that we put in. Oh yeah, thanks so much for meeting with us and discussing it before hand- oh right she never even did that. I don’t care if she sees this or reads this because she’s taken the absolute p*ss out of us. Other teachers keep using the excuse that “she’s new”- she’s been here for over 2 years now so I’m not hearing it. Nobody come up to me asking me what happened/ what’s the school council going to do because at the moment I am not a member of that time wasting sham- and we're meant to be the voice of the students.

College Rave 2009. Theme; Jocks VS. Nerds.