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Friday, 3 December 2010


Ok. So I’ve been modelling since I was a fresh faced fifteen year old and I have developed so much. Not just in the way I carry myself but also in confidence; specifically with my body. Recently I was in the December issue of Marie Claire Magazine and the last page of the spread… well lets say I was “bearing all”. People ask me all the time now “wasn’t it embarrassing?” and “what does your mum say?”. 

Well here it is!

Marie Claire December 2010. [just the nude ones]

I remember my first 'topless' shoot. At first I did feel nervous and awkward and I tried to cover myself but then I realised that it was just my body and as time went on I just got more comfortable. Then she was like “can you move your hands away from your breasts if that’s ok?” and I just ran with it. Those photos turned out really nice; in fact she didn’t even use the ones were my breast were completely out. Since then I’ve grown to accept my body and I’m happy to display it; as long as it’s in a tasteful manner. My mum has exactly the same attitude as me; as long as I’m happy she really doesn’t mind!
Now, even more recently I done a FULLY NAKED shoot. It was just a photo shoot either. It was part of a short film dedicated to Alexander McQueen! MY FANNY WAS OUT! (Okay it wasnt out like that!) It was myself and two other black models and we had to rub on each other and dance (can someone say porno lol) but we all had a laugh and tried to enjoy the situation and the clips turned out beautifully. Bodies are beautiful and if they’re going to be portrayed to convey their beauty in a different light then I’m fine with that! NO PAGE 3!
First Topless Photoshoot.