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Sunday, 21 November 2010


After the eviction of Paije from X-factor my twitter timeline was on fire of comments saying that the show was racist and fixed etc but in reality did any of these people even try and make a difference to the results? Did any of these people screaming "racism" vote for Paije even once on his duration on the show? The answer to this question is no. This is one of the biggest problem with the black 'community' in Britain; we want our people to succeed but do not support their progress. How do you expect black figures to have a chance if you don't support them? Someone made the comment that the fact that people are voting based on the colour of the contestants is still racist and that you should vote for whomever performs the best and I do agree with this comment but the fact of the matter is that all these people blaming racism for the eviction of Paije clearly wanted him to win but when it came down to him and Cher, a white female, people looked for every other excuse except for the fact that no one voted for him. Both of them are talented contestants but if people really didn't want Cher to go through then guess what they should've done? Voted for Paije.

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  1. I Personally Dont Think X factor is racist .
    If they wer racist hy wouldnt have Black contesance to begin with .

    If Black People WERN'T in he show People would Throw the "Racist Card"
    When They are people Still want to trow the "Racist Card"

    People just use that wenever black people are involved.