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Thursday, 18 November 2010


One thing I do not condone is fake Uggs. Not sheepskin boots of another brand but IMITATION Uggs. What is the point? They may look like the real thing but the quality is so poor that you’ll be moving sideways in a matter of weeks! Not to mention what happens to them in the rain! I know someone who paid £70 for a pair of fake Uggs. However, if she had just saved up her Educational Maintenance Allowance she would’ve been able to afford the real thing so why go there? There is nothing wrong with buying a sheepskin boot that isn’t Uggs because Uggs is a brand NOT a type of boot; something people forget. But I don’t see the point in purchasing imitation Uggs; they will not get you far and will leave you looking silly when yours deteriorate and your friends are still in tacked. 


  1. UGGs in general are silly the real things lag to the side also and let's face it they are not worth the price go to the Originator of the idea and wear Wellington Boots get the Quality ones which have some sorta soft material inside and actually protect rain and snow etc. on outside.

    Alot of you UGG user are following trend because just like Vans once upon a time there were not coll and now all of a sudden everyone wants one funny thing is nothing has changed and if you knew the company CEOs you would know why they don't need your money yet you buy into their brands rather than their clothes.

  2. undersood.. but if you cant afford it then dont buy it.. my Uggs havent leaned off to the side. Every item of clothing you wear that is designed by a brand has a particular ideology behind it and you buy into it too; everything that you wear in some way shape of form is following a trend but its even worse when your trying to imitate the brand by buying fake versions dont u think?