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Thursday, 18 November 2010


As I was scoping through twitter the other day I saw a tweet reading something along the lines of “WHOEVER STILL SHOPS IN PRIMARK NEEDS TO START LIVING LIFE!” and I thought to myself “why?” why has Primark still got that stigma attached to it that it had a decade ago? I remember when I was younger how embarrassed I would be when my grandma took m e shopping and would leave with the biggest Primark bag available and then ask me to carry it! The cheek! It was already bad enough that all the clothes in there were 2 sizes too big so I could “grow into them” but the fact they were from that shop made it ten times worse! However, I don’t understand how people can say Primark is still cheap and taboo if it is now the same price as HnM and imitates its designs from other leading high street retailers. However, let me stress that I personally do not buy a lot from Primark but if you are on a tight budget, not bothered about others having it or don’t wish to pay extortionate prices for certain items then I really don’t see it as a problem.

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