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Thursday, 18 November 2010


From August the 23rd to September the 16th I went to New York for fashion week. I remember going to my agency in the morning al excited and weighing my suitcase with the other model I was flying out with. When people asked, “aren’t you excited” I would say “No.” I wasn’t excited because I knew how much work I would have to put in and that it could all be for nothing. However, I was so happy to be given this opportunity. How many other girls my age can say that they were going out to New York by themselves to try and make something of themselves? So, Happy= Yes. Excited? = No.

The idea of being by myself in a different country didn’t hit me until it came to taking my bag up the stairs of my model apartment. Yes, apartment not hotel or even motel or even bed and breakfast. When you go out to different countries for fashion week you are more than likely going to be staying in a house or flat with other girls. But yes back to the suitcase. My bag was so heavy and lifting it by myself I realised; I am by myself. My mum isn’t here. I don’t know anybody. I'm not in England anymore.
What came to me, as even more of a shock was when I got up the stairs there was about six girls gathered watching TV. I thought model flats only held about 4? No, no, not Elite Model management! They own a 3 floor redbrick house, which, in total, housed twelve girls.
Twelve teenaged girls aged from 15-19 with one kitchen, three bathrooms, three bedrooms and mice. Can you imagine my pain?! My faint delusions of a house resembling the Britain’s next top model house were instantly shattered and replaced with the reality that I would be there for a month; the only English girl in the house. Yes, I was also the only fully black girl in the house if you want to know but to be honest I really wasn’t thinking about that; I was just hoping to make some friends and I did in the form of Rebekah Jett, Maddie Kulicka and Hill Anderson.

Living in a model house can be very stressful. They steal your food. They drink your milk, they try on your clothes. And lets not even start about the chick that I lent my boots! Out of the kindness of my heart I lent her my military boots when it was pouring with rain [this girl only brought sandals] and she returned them in some creased fashion!
I walked for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nathan Jenden both in New York, Topshop Unique and Giles Deacon in London and Ungaro and Loweve in Paris.

I would go into more detail but I really don’t want to bore you guys especially since you’ll be able to see it all in February when a Channel 4 documentary focusing on my modeling agency comes out. They followed me in New York, London and Paris fashion week so you’ll be able to glimpse what exactly I was going through (if you watch it that is).

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